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Category: Cocktails


Classic Eggnog

This is not everyone’s favourite, but as we inch closer to tree-trimming time, it’s hard to picture ringing in the holiday season without this unusual drink. If you have the foresight to make this...


Monster Mash Slush

Halloween is coming, and if you’re having a party, a fun cocktail can really cap off a festive evening. Although punch is an easy way to go, especially if you’re hosting lots of people,...


Mulled Wine

You might be picking up pumpkin spice-flavoured beverages in the morning, but mulled wine is the perfect way to end a chilly fall day. While there are lots of different ways to make this...


Cherry Mojitos

I like to be inspired by the fresh produce in the store, and right now there are beautiful dark cherries in season that are perfect for this cherry mojito cocktail. The rich and sweet...


The Michelada

This Latin-style Caesar was allegedly created during the Mexican Revolution, when a general encouraged his troops add hot sauce to their beer for strength and good health. This drink works best with a chilled...


Elderflower Collins

If you like a refreshing cocktail on a ¬†warm summer day, but you’re not into something that is overly fruity or sweet, the Elderflower Collins is the drink for you. It’s the right amount...


How To Build A Tiki Cocktail

Summer means Tiki. That Polynesian, palm-swaying, humid heat salute to the tropics can be perfectly expressed in a creative and colourful tiki cocktail. Why drink the same old beer or a simple glass of...


Champagne Julep

Champagne is the perfect drink for summer celebrations, but if you feel like it could use an update, look no further. This drink combines champagne (or sparkling wine) with another summer favourite: the mint...