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5 Beer-Based Cocktails


Love beer but want to drink something a little more refined? You can toss an orange into your glass, or go all out and turn your beer into a classy cocktail. Whether you love ales, stouts or lagers, there is a beer-based cocktail for you. Best of all, beer cocktails are budget-friendly, and they’re crowd-pleasers. That’s what makes them the perfect drink to serve all through the holiday season. Here are five recipes to add to your arsenal now.

1. Root Beer Float


This one calls for a chocolate stout, but you can use any dark beer and it will taste just as good. With that much dulce de leche flavour tossed into your drink, there’s really no going wrong with this dessert-like cocktail.

Recipe on: cookingchanneltv.com

2. The Cure


You can use the cheapest light lager you can find for this one, because the ginger will automatically make it taste a million times better. And what better season to knock back a drink packed with immune-boosting ginger and lemon than cold-ridden fall?

Recipe on: epicurious.com

3. Bees Knees


The alcohol-free version of this cocktail, the Bees Knees, was invented during prohibition, but back then it was gin and beer-free. The honey is what gave it its original name, and the beer is what puts the twist in it, as well as a healthy dose of gin. This one calls for honey syrup, and if you’re not sure what that is, there’s a helpful recipe at the bottom of the preparation instructions.

Recipe on: aviationgin.com

4. The Black Velvet


If a recipe with just two ingredients is music to your ears, look no further than this drink. All it requires is dark beer and sparkling white wine. It’s called the perfect meeting of high and low class, but we bet you’ll feel super fancy sipping on this dark, fizzy cocktail.

Recipe on: thekitchn.com

5. Beer & Coffee Breakfast Cocktail


After a long summer of brunching, mimosas can feel a little old. So if you want to combine your morning jolt with something a little more interesting, try this coffee-meets-beer concoction. It’s a little more involved, due to the need to get your coffee cold, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

Recipe on: brooklynbrewshop.com

Featured image source: thekitchn.com

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