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Celebrate Spring With Delicious Sangria

The dawn of spring may bring a lot of rain, but we all know once the showers are gone sunshine will streak through the skies, heralding the return of patio season. No longer will we be forced to drink indoors, because soon we’ll be able to post up on a patio with a pitcher of the most refreshing cocktail known to man: sangria.

A medley of flavours no matter the recipe, sangria combines juice, liqueurs, wine, and tasty morsels of fruit in one glass, with so much room for variations you’re bound to find a sangria recipe that pleases your taste buds. To give you an idea of all the different sorts of sangria you can be sipping on throughout spring and summer patio season, check out some of the recipes below.


Classic Red Sangria

Sometimes you just gotta go with what works, and this recipe for a standard red sangria will definitely please. Use whatever fruits and spices you like, because there’s no wrong way to make red sangria so long as you follow the wine + juice + liqueur trinity.


Meyer Lemon Citrus Sangria

Like lemonade, only a lot tastier, this citrus flavour will beat the heat with its cool lemon tang.


Cucumber White Wine Sangria Spritzer

If you’ve ever had cucumber water, then you know just how refreshing the green vegetable can be when used in beverages.  The same goes for cucumber in sangria, as this recipe proves.


Sangrita (Sangria + Margarita)

Why have one iconic summer drink when you can have two? Combine the best elements of sangria and margaritas together in this fusion drink that proves two is always better than one.


Jalapeno Blood Orange Sangria

For a sangria with some edge, try out this jalapeno blood orange flavour. Don’t be turned off by the idea of a hot pepper in a drink, the jalapeno more adds a layer of warmth to each sip than a painful spark of heat.


 Caramel Apple Pomegranate Sangria

Who didn’t love eating caramel apples as a kid? Well now you can enjoy the flavours as an adult with this sweet sangria that balanced by the inherent tang of pomegranates.


Raspberry & Lime Rose Sangria Popsicles

What we have here may be the ultimate summer treat. A snack, drink, and way to cool off all rolled into one, this is the adult popsicle you pretty much need during those too-hot-to-function days of summer.

Featured image courtesy of: Divya Thakur

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