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Festive, Party-Ready Cocktails For This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us – in case you’ve managed to remain oblivious to the music, decorations and ads likely everywhere around you. The good news is, holiday parties are in full swing, and they usually come with great friends, great food and best of all, great drinks. If you’re the one hosting, and you want to step up your booze game this year, we’ve got some great suggestions for the perfect drinks that will have your friends talking about your party well into the new year. Whether you’re into sparkling drinks, spirits or an update on classic punch, we have some suggestions that you and your guests will love. But we suggest making a batch of all three, just to keep everyone merry. Happy holidays!


Retro Rum Punch

This is possibly the most economical drink recipe you’ll come across, and after tiring out your credit card buying gifts, that has to be good news. And the frozen cranberries are a great festive twist on your standard ice cube.

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Kumquat Champagne Cocktails


Looking to seriously impress your New Year’s Eve party guests? Whip up a batch of these zesty, unique cocktails. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time – prepping the kumquats will take a good 45 minutes.

Read more at: marthastewart.com


Irish Eggnog

Not everyone loves eggnog, but it is without a doubt one of the most festive things you can consume. And if you add a little Irish cream and a dusting of cinnamon, there’s no way your guests will be able to resist this holiday treat.

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