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Five Perfect Punch Recipes For Summer


From backyard barbecues to weddings, every summer party deserves a special drink. And if you think punch isn’t special, think again. Whether you’re making it with the freshest ingredients, or the fanciest champagne, there’s a perfect punch that’s just right for whatever party you’re throwing or attending. Try out all five of these great punch recipes, and you’ll be on your way to the best summer ever.

Tropical Ginger Punch

Orange pineapple ginger punch 1

This punch is bright and sunny, full of citrus fruits, and of course, ginger. You can leave the vodka in or out, or substitute gin for it, and the ginger ale will add even more kick to the fresh ginger. This one is perfect for a beach party on a bright day.

Recipe on: marthastewart.com

Strawberry Lemonade


This lemonade is super easy to pull together in a bind, and has just three, pretty simple ingredients. Although this recipe isn’t spiked, you can definitely add light rum, vodka or gin. But the virgin-styles are perfect for a kid’s birthday party by the pool.

Recipe on: bettycrocker.com

Bloody Mary Punch


Everyone loves a Bloody Mary, but how often do we make it big-batch, rather than carefully making each person their own? Mixing it all in a big bowl and letting everyone serve themselves sort of puts a new spin on the classic drink, and it makes it perfect for an afternoon garden party. Just don’t wear white.

Recipe on: southernliving.com

Raspberry Wine Punch


Kind of like sangria, this punch has citrus, but with the added fruity and tart kick of pureed raspberries. The recipe also calls for lemon lime soda, but feel free to add regular soda water, and if you prefer white wine, go with that, too. Serve this punch at a bridal shower or a baby shower if you’re using non-alcoholic wine.

Recipe on: cooks.com

Beer Lemonade Punch


Love lemonade? Love beer? This punch is definitely for you. It’s really easy to make, and if you have lower-quality beer kicking around, this is a crowd-pleasing way to get rid of it. Serve this one at your next house party.

Recipe on: draftmag.com

Featured image source: draftmag.com

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