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5 Food Magazines That Can Help You Lose Weight This Winter

The holidays are long gone, thank goodness. But that doesn’t mean we’re still not feeling (and seeing) the after-effects of the multi-day gorge-fest that was the holiday season. Healthy eating simply isn’t a feature of the holidays.

If you were lucky enough (or exerted enough self-control) to escape the holidays without gaining a few pounds, then bravo. You obviously have a stronger will than most. The rest of us, however, are struggling to fit into our jeans, all the while regretting the second slice of cake we had at every single holiday meal.

Making matters worse is the winter season. Whereas summertime affords plenty of opportunities to head outside, walk around, play sports, and naturally shed off unwanted weight, winter has us huddling for warmth and taking comfort in indulgent foods.

But winter doesn’t have to be a dietary struggle. With the right guidance, anyone can lose weight in winter.

It’s true. More than a few food magazines are devoted to healthy eating, and sometimes eating right is as simple as knowing what to make for dinner. No doubt the magazines below will give you plenty of inspiration and help you trim down throughout the rest of winter.

Best of all is how each and every one of the following magazines can be found in one convenient place: Texture. A digital magazine app that will grant you instant access to the magazines below (along with many, many more), Texture is one of the best resources when it comes to healthy eating.

See what Texture has to offer all aspiring healthy-eaters (besides a 30-day free trial) by checking out the titles below.

Clean Eating

Every meal you make doesn’t need to be “cooked” in the traditional sense of the word. At times even the most nutritious of foods can lose their nutritional value when fried, boiled, or grilled. Devoted to “consuming food in its most natural state” Clean Eating will show you how to enjoy foods with the least amount of cooking needed. Not only will you save on preparation time, but you’ll also be eating healthier!

Cooking Light

Every single issue of Cooking Light magazine is filled with scores of delicious recipes that won’t add to your waistline. From seasonal dishes to scrumptious staples, you won’t be left wanting when reading Cooking Light.


Get ready to learn about food and fitness more than you ever have before with EatingWell. Blending “good taste with good health” each and every issue, EatingWell will make losing weight more delicious than ever.

Vegetarian Times

Are you a vegetarian looking for culinary inspiration? Or perhaps you’re looking to cut down your meat intake for the health benefits? Either way, Vegetarian Times is the magazine for you. Featuring appetizing and healthy vegetarian recipes every month, Vegetarian Times also features a variety of tips on healthy living every issue.

Women’s Health

Admittedly, Women’s Health is more of a fitness-focused than a food magazine. But as any personal trainer will tell you, when it comes to fitness, diet is key. That’s why Women’s Health features tons of healthy-eating tips and recipes every month alongside its features on fitness. And for any of the fellas reading, Texture gives you access to Men’s Health, too.

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