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For All Things Health and Wellness, Turn to Self


No matter how hard we try to stick to our goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle, there will always be times that we need a little extra motivation. When it comes to keeping up a regular fitness regimen and cooking healthy food, the best kind of inspiration often comes in the form of photos. Whether it be snaps of a meal prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients, or a step-by-step guide of a new workout routine, a visual reminder can be just the push we need to stay the path.

Oscar-winning actress and Goop wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow graces the cover of a recent issue of Self magazine, the source for all tips and tricks related to food and lifestyle. In the magazine’s cover story, Gwyneth discusses what it takes for her to successfully run Goop — the hugely successful lifestyle and e-commerce site she founded in 2008.  A New York Times bestselling author, Gwyneth also dishes on the food and wellness philosophies that inform her latest cookbook, It’s All Easy. Yet even as the head of a massive lifestyle empire, Gwyneth craves something that most busy moms and working women can relate to: balance. She explains to Self what she does to carve out time for herself, and why working to maintain self-care is so essential for the well-being of mothers and professional women everywhere.

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