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10 Must-Have Spices For Every Kitchen

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of herbs and spices available, so it can be a little overwhelming to try to pick just a few. But don’t give up, because you’ll end up with some seriously bland dishes. Here are ten essential herbs and spices that with give your food tons of delicious flavour.

1. Black pepper
This seems obvious, but a few dashes of this spice can help almost any dish. Buying it ground works, but grinding whole peppercorns yourself will give you even more taste.

2. Garlic
Garlic is unmistakable, and so, so tasty. Whether you have whole cloves of it in your pantry, or prefer to keep it in garlic powder form, this seasoning (which is technically a vegetable) is so necessary.

3. Ginger
Especially if you like to cook Asian dishes, ginger is great to have around. It’s a natural immune-booster, so if you feel a cold coming on, make some ginger and honey tea.

4. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is super versatile, and you can toss it in to both sweet and savory dishes. It’s also been shown to reduce blood glucose levels, and lower cholesterol.

5. Paprika
Made from ground-up peppers, this subtle seasoning is great in everything from soups to meat dishes, and goes especially well with chicken.

6. Allspice
It’s right there in the name. This one is good in so many different dishes, and it will bring out the flavour in a soup stock or a stew.

7. Oregano
Particularly popular in Italian and Greek food, oregano is pretty powerful, so be sure to add just a little and mix it with other strong flavours.

8. Chili powder
Spicy food is so tasty, and it has been shown to remove toxins from your body. Chili powder will add a kick to any dish, and eliminate the need for salt.

9. Turmeric
This one has been known to leave yellow stains on any surface that it comes in contact with, but it makes up for it thanks to its amazing flavour, and ability to reduce inflammation.

10. Basil
There is nothing like having a fresh, fragrant basil plant in your kitchen. The dried version of this spice will work just as well too!

Which of these spices are you missing from your kitchen? Sound off in the comments below!

Article source: fooducate.com

Featured image source: navacenter.com

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