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5 Food Magazine Recipes You’ll Instantly Want To Make For Yourself

Thinking of what to make for a meal is the hardest part of cooking. Sure, you have thousands of food blogs and websites that can provide some inspiration, but most of the time those recipes are either incredibly difficult or far from foolproof.

The ideal solution is a recipe from a respectable source, like a food magazine. Edited by experts and made with the average cook in mind, the recipes found in food magazines are the best way to find reliably delicious meals. Best of all, they come out every month, thus providing you with a constant stream of meals to make!

Unfortunately, there is a downside: you actually need to go out and buy food magazines. That’s where Texture comes in. A digital magazine service like no other, Texture collapses all the best food magazines (and scores of other titles) into a cross-platform app you can access at any time.

An amazing gift to any food-lover in your life (or for yourself), Texture makes cooking dinner easy. See what we mean below, with a selection of recipes from magazines you can read on the regular through Texture.

Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

All the delicious flavours of a cheesy, comforting chicken tortilla transformed into a healthy soup in this amazing Allrecipes dish. Better yet, since it’s cooked in a slow-cooker, this recipe can be made hours ahead of time and comes together in a snap.

Read the recipe and more like it in All Recipes magazine.

Blue Cheese and Bacon Lettuce Boats

An indulgent salad reimagined as a party snack, these lettuce boats are a sure-fire hit thanks to the bacon and blue cheese in the recipe. Easily thrown together with whatever type of lettuce you have on hand (from kale to iceberg, as long as it can hold some weight), Bon Appétit magazine is filled with similar dishes that will please taste buds and dinner guests alike.

Read the recipe and more like it in Bon Appétit magazine.

Sumac Chicken with Cauliflower and Carrots

A flavourful burst of spices and citrus make this chicken-and-veggies dish the best way to cut through the cold of winter. Surprisingly easy to make, this dish comes together in one pan, not that anyone will notice because this dish presents beautifully.

Read the recipe and more like it in Cooking Light magazine.

Gingerbread Scones

Want more creative ways to enjoy gingerbread this holiday season than the traditional man-shaped cookie? Food Network Magazine has you covered with their amazing list of 50 gingerbread recipes. Case in point: this gingerbread scone recipe, which transforms the classic gingerbread man into a sweet treat that’s a perfect pair with coffee or tea.

Read the recipe and more like it in Food Network magazine.

Snickerdoodle Smoothie

Enjoy the indulgent flavours of a classic snickerdoodle cookie without any of the guilt! This Women’s Health recipe cleverly mimics the taste of the childhood favourite by using a blend of banana, almond milk, cashew butter, vanilla protein powder and some spices for garnish.

Read the recipe and more like it in Women’s Health magazine.

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