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7 Breakfast Recipes You’ve (Probably) Never Eaten

Cereal, scrambled eggs, toast with jam. These are the tried-and-true breakfast recipes of folks on a busy weekday schedule.

We might veer from the most basic breakfast recipes on the weekend, either at home or during a brunch outing, but the same dishes are still made. Eggs Benedict, waffles, omelettes, the list goes on, because very seldom do we make (or a restaurant serves) something truly out of the ordinary for breakfast.

Well, it’s time to make breakfast dynamic again. With our collection of seldom-made (or just straight up strange) breakfast recipes, you’ll be excited to wake up in the morning to eat something new.

Crispy Vietnamese Crepes

Truly, the Vietnamese are breakfast-geniuses, because the idea of creating an egg crepe for your morning meal is beyond brilliant. Otherwise known as Bánh Xèo, this savoury crepe recipe is filled with hearty vegetables, but they can be substituted for anything you may have on hand.

Read the full recipe at Cinnamon & Coriander

Wasabi Cream Cheese Bagel

The classic Montreal bagel combination of cream cheese and smoked salmon gets a spicy twist with the addition of wasabi cream cheese. Of course, you don’t need to have Montreal bagels to enjoy the classic combo (but let’s be honest, Montreal bagels are far superior), but the infusion of wasabi into the cream cheese makes for a new way to wake you up in the morning.

Read the full recipe at Drizzle And Dip

Huevos Divorciados w/Salsa Verde

Directly translated as “divorced eggs,” this Mexican breakfast dish has two eggs sitting on a bed of two different salsas, namely ancho chile salsa and salsa verde. With some roasted sweet potatoes in the middle to seperate the two sides, Huevos Divorciados is a hearty and delicious morning meal straight out of Mexico.

Read the full recipe at A Calculated Whisk

French Toast Fingers

Okay, so French Toast Fingers are actually pretty popular, and we’re pretty sure you can buy frozen varieties at the store, but have you ever made them at home? If you have, then kudos to you, but most people forget that you can turn the classic dish that is French Toast into a dip-able format. More fun than the standard variety, the only extra step to this recipe is cut your bread into sticks!

Read the full recipe at Breakfast For Dinner

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Egg Rolls

East meets West in this breakfast fusion that reformats the classic breakfast of bacon and eggs into a rolled-up delight. Served alongside white gravy for dipping, this is a decadent breakfast treat perfect for the weekend.

Read the full recipe at Food Fanatic

Huevos Rancheros Potato Bowls

Tons of restaurants serve Huevos Rancheros for brunch and you may have made it for yourself in the past. But have you ever put your Huevos Rancheros into a potato? You’ll never want a tortilla-base ever again, as a fluffy potato is the superior way to hold your Huevos Rancheros.

Read the full recipe at Host The Toast

Breakfast Banana Split

What’s this? Dessert for breakfast? Not quite, because this “banana split” is actually far more healthy than it looks. Using Greek yogurt as “ice cream” and topped with plenty of fruits and nuts, you’ll get a nutritiously delicious bite out of every spoonful of this Breakfast Banana Split.

Read the full recipe at Cali Girl Cooking

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