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7 Unique Summer Salads Bursting With Flavour In Every Bite

Salads are perfect for summer eating. Why? Well not only are they cool and refreshing, but most salads are light enough to help you maintain your summer bod! Okay, I know all the food-lovers reading probably don’t care enough to sacrifice flavour for calories, but thankfully a great salad won’t either, letting you eat healthy while keeping your taste buds satisfied.

Not all salads are created equally, though, and I’m sure all of you are more than fed up with the simple garden salad doused in a balsamic dressing you can get just about anywhere. Try out a new style of salad this summer, and toss up one of the 7 unique summer salads found in the curated list below.



1. Lentil & Nectarine Salad

You’ll get a nutritional boost and a ton of flavour in this lentil-based salad, which is best served as chilled as possible. Topped with a pumpkin seed oil dressing, this salad is ideal for summer eating, and perfect to bring to the park or a BBQ.

Read more at: Jernej Kitchen


2. Vegan Kale Caesar Salad

Who says Caesar salads can’t be vegan? With the addition of nutritional yeast (it tastes much better than it sounds) you won’t even miss the Parmesan or anchovies iconic to Caesar salads, and plenty of lemon and garlic will ensure the entire dish is as zesty as can be.

Read more at: iFoodReal


3. Panzanella

Otherwise known as Italian bread salad, Panzanella gives you a use for your stale bread. When chopped into cubes and thrown together with fresh tomatoes and quality olive oil, the bread soaks up all of the delicious flavours, making for an all-but-leafless salad that is carb-heaven.

Read more at: West of the Loop


4. Brunch Salad

Breakfast meets lunch meets salad in this truly one-of-a-kind dish that you’ve definitely never had before. Roasted cabbage serves as the leafy green in this unique salad, with all of your favourite parts of brunch added in, even hollandaise sauce, which acts as the dressing.

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5. Green Curry Raw Carrot Salad

A masterful blend of sweet and spicy, this green curry raw carrot salad accents the spiciness of curry paste with the inherent sweetness of raisins and shredded carrot. The result is a nutritionally packed salad with an original flavour profile.

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6. Orzo Salad with Zucchini and Feta

Ready in a snap, this fresh Italian-inspired salad comes together as quickly as you can boil the orzo! Using marinated zucchini and bold feta, this leafless salad is the perfect accompaniment to white meat or fish, though it is definitely tasty enough to enjoy solo.

Read more at: Taking on Magazines


7. Watermelon Avocado Salad

Despite being fairly simple in terms of ingredients, this salad presents oh-so-beautifully, especially if you use a melon-baller to scoop out the watermelon and avocado. Every bite will burst with refreshing flavours, along with a tinge of spiciness thanks to the addition of jalapeno pepper.

Read more at: The Blondielocks

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