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8 Food & Cooking Magazines That Will Always Have You Eating Well

People who love food, love food. Trust me, as a completely food-obsessed person, I know it’s true. Not only do foodies love to eat and cook, we also love to dream up amazing recipes while also keeping tabs on the latest culinary trends.

But as fun as all that is, it’s also a bit difficult. Hours are spent on food blogs and websites, and even more watching clips and shows of meals being made. Yes, foodies love to eat, but we put in tons of work to keep our stomachs satisfied.

The thing is, food lovers don’t need to put in so much effort. There are so many amazing resources for finding new recipes and amazing restaurants, like the many food and cooking magazines on the market. The problem is, paying for each and every issue can put a serious dent in one’s wallet, not to mention the space all those magazines take up.

Good thing there’s a service like Texture to remove all those issues. Almost like a digital newsstand in itself, Texture compiles hundreds of magazine titles into one easy app, with plenty of food and cooking magazines included. For a look into some of the amazing culinary magazines you can be reading everyday (and whenever you want) through Texture, take a look below.

1. Allrecipes

Your favourite online culinary resource, Allrecipes.com, the home of over 43,000 family recipes now has its very own magazine. Building upon all of the amazing features you already enjoy at the website, like the extensive list of dishes, tips, and seasonal cooking ideas, a digital subscription to the Allrecipes magazine is a simple way to get more creative in the kitchen.

2. Vegetarian Times

If your diet consists of eating no meat or no animal products (or you happen to frequently cook for someone who abstains from eating animals) then Vegetarian Times will certainly be an invaluable resource. Compiling healthy-and-tasty vegetarian recipes along with lifestyle tips on clean living, Vegetarian Times is the magazine of a vegetarian’s dream, mainly because you’ll never have to think up another meat-less recipe, ever.

3. Food Network Magazine

Everyone’s favourite television channel (well, at least the favourite for food-obsessed folks like us) is just as deliciously fun to read as it is to watch, as the Food Network Magazine will quickly prove. Providing you with numerous meal ideas and culinary tips, Food Network Magazine also gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of your favourite celebrity chefs.

4. Bon Appétit

Whether you prefer cooking at home or going out to restaurants, Bon Appétit will pique your culinary interests. Every issue covers the latest trends in the world of food, providing you with exciting new recipes and some of the hottest restaurants to check out around the globe. No doubt you’ll be eating well whether you’re at home or on vacation with Bon Appétit at your side.

5. Clean Eating

Not all delicious food needs to be indulgent or fattening. Think I’m wrong? Then let Clean Eating prove my point, a magazine devoted to showcasing how food can be enjoyed in its natural state but still be delectable. A combo lifestyle-and-cooking magazine, Clean Eating will help you eat smarter from breakfast to dinner, and even dessert.

6. Gluten-Free Living

Anyone who has to deal with a gluten allergy will scream for joy as soon as they open an issue of Gluten-Free Living, the only magazine entirely centered on gluten-free living. With a strong focus on food and recipes, Gluten-Free Living provides celiac sufferers with plenty dinner ideas, not to mention sections devoted to the latest changes and innovations in the gluten-free world.

7. Prevention

One part health magazine, one part recipe resource, Prevention is a title dedicated to helping readers balance their everyday responsibilities with a healthy lifestyle. In the pages of Prevention one can find everything from health news, nutritional recipes, fitness tips, and so much more. Everything you need to eat well and keep active is in this magazine.

8. Food & Wine

On the fancier end of the culinary magazine spectrum, Food & Wine is all about showcasing the cream of the dining crop. Each month, Food & Wine reports on the latest food trends and best restaurants headed by the most groundbreaking chefs, along with the newest recipes you simply must try. So whether you’re planning a dinner party or a night out with friends, Food & Wine will have you eating well.

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