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5 Cold Soups That Are Refreshingly Delicious To Enjoy This Summer

Soups are definitely not considered a summer food by anyone in Canada; we save soups for the harshly cold months of winter, not the blazing heat found in July & August. Don’t cast off summer-soup-eating just yet, though, as you can eat soup while beating the heat, thanks to cold soups!

A wide assortment of cold soups exist, with a number to rival their hot counterparts, and below you’ll find a sampling of some of the best you simply need to spoon into your mouth. Feast your eyes and prepare to get your soup-on with our list of 5 cold soups that will be refreshingly delicious to enjoy this summer.

cucumber herb

Cucumber Herb Soup

Keep cool with this cucumber soup that gains a velvety richness with the addition of rich greek yogurt. With tarragon, basil, and mint blended in, the soup achieved a sophisticated flavour you’ll enjoy with every spoonful.

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Hungarian-Style Cold Cherry Soup

Cold soups are frequently enjoyed across Central and Eastern Europe, with the most popular in Hungary being “meggyleves,” or sour cherry soup. Try out this North American-ized version that subs in sour cherries with sweet Bing cherries. With some wine added in for a flavour boost, it makes it every bit as tasty.

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Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho

When you think “cold soup,” gazpacho is certainly one of the first that comes to mind. So rather than serve the same cold tomato soup everyone else makes, add in some watermelon and feta for a truly unique summer soup that is not only scrumptious but good for you too!

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Vegan Naengmyun (Cold Noodle Soup)

Who knew noodle soups could be cold? Well, apparently Koreans do, as naengmyun, a noodle soup made with a cold broth, is a widely enjoyed cultural dish. Make your own with buckwheat noodles and plenty of added vegetables for a filling meal-sized soup perfect for summer.

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Cold Beet Borscht

You’ve done warm borscht, now try the classic beet-based soup at a different temperature, cold! Food is proven to taste differently when at another temperature, so try out this beautiful borscht recipe for a taste of new flavours. Plus, it prevents beautifully!

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