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8 Non-Dessert, Strawberry Recipes To Enjoy This Summer

With the dawn of warm weather, harvesting season has begun across Canada, and no crop has as short a crop season as the strawberry. Even the the little red bundle of flavour is in high demand, strawberry season (at least in Ontario) starts in June and ends in July. That means you have only two short months to enjoy delicious, locally grown strawberries, so you need to make the most of it because the season will be over before you know it.

Like most other berries and sweet fruits, most people stereotype strawberries as a main ingredient in desserts. Everyone knows strawberry short cakes or strawberry-rhubarb pies are beyond amazing, but the fruit is far more versatile, easily able to venture into the realm of savoury cooking.

Don’t limit your cooking during the short season to just desserts. Here are 8 strawberry recipes that aren’t desserts that you can create throughout the June and July months.

Strawberry Pizza

Who says they can’t be a pizza topping? When paired with fresh mozzarella, a sweet-yet-sophisticated balsamic reduction, and a bunch of fresh basil, strawberries make a great addition to a no-sauce “white” pizza. Throwing in a stronger cheese, like crumbled bits of goat cheese, can also be added for a fuller flavour.

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Roasted Strawberry Grilled Cheese

Never underestimate the versatility of avocados, which perfectly blend together roasted strawberries and cheese in this grown-up style grilled cheese. Creamy, tangy, and altogether delicious, you’ll be wondering why people haven’t been making grilled cheese this way since day one.

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Strawberry and Broccoli Salad

Get a double dose of nutrients with this red-and-green salad filled with strawberries and broccoli, with the sweetness of the former balancing out the vegetable flavour of the latter. Topped with pecans and blue cheese for crunch and bold flavour, this salad is more than a side, it’s a meal in itself.

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White Strawberry-Mango Sangria

Sangria is easily the perfect spring/summertime drink, and given that some form of fruit is always included in the recipe, the use of strawberries and mango isn’t a far stretch of the imagination. But even though this recipe isn’t as out of left field as some of the others on this list, that doesn’t mean this sangria isn’t refreshingly delicious.

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Strawberry Balsamic Grilled Chicken

Cooking and pureeing strawberries isn’t only done to make an ice cream topping or dessert sauce, you can also cook the berries down to form a stunning glaze for any meat. Chicken is the meat of choice in this recipe, as the white meat doesn’t subdue the strawberry flavour, making for a meat dish with a delightfully complex flavour.

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Strawberry Salsa

Only five ingredients are needed to make this tangy salsa. Simply combine strawberries, diced red onion, cilantro, lime juice, and a jalapeno for heat, and you have an amazing dip or topping for fish, lighter meats and chips or crackers.

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Spring Strawberry Focaccia

Making your own bread is incredibly easy, so keep that in mind when looking at the long list of steps featured in this recipe. The process is much easier than it looks. Besides, the extra bit of effort is worth it to have a freshly baked foccacia filled with strawberries, basil, and goat cheese.

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Savoury PB&J Wraps w/ Strawberry Chili-Relish

My love for blending sweet and savoury flavours is only outmatched by my adoration for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, making this recipe a dream come true. Even if you’re not a fanatic about either, you’ll still be wowed by this satay-skewer switch up which uses a peanut butter based marinade paired with a sweet and spicy strawberry relish.

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Featured image courtesy of: Eric Borja

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