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Homemade Dip Recipes to Make You the Star of the Party

Party season isn’t over yet, and that likely (and hopefully) means there are still a few potlucks or dinner parties in your summer 2015 future. It’s so easy to just grab a bag of chips and pre-made dip on your way to a party, but that often means lots of extra sodium, and even worse, it sure isn’t as thoughtful as it could be.

If you’ve found yourself standing at your friends’ doors one too many times with store-bought salsa in your hand, we’re here to help you put an end to that. Here are three great recipes for homemade dips that will put you at the top of all the party invitee lists.




This recipe is super easy, and tastes really fresh. If you’re looking for a little more flavour out of this one, add some fresh cilantro and a little cayenne or hot sauce. Also, expert tip: use a potato masher to mash the avocados, but leave some chunks behind for the perfect texture.

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Basically, all this recipe takes is a little chopping of a few fresh ingredients, and you get colourful, restaurant-worthy salsa. Feel free to adjust the amount of chiles according to your desired level of spiciness, and for maximum flavour, let your salsa sit in the fridge for up to 12 hours.

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Artichoke Spinach Dip


This dip is better for those colder summer nights, and prepping on colder summer days – you’ll need to crank the oven up to 375 to make it. However, the result is cheesy, baked heaven. Feel free to leave out the mayonnaise and add in a little extra light sour cream instead.

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