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Top Five Antipasto Bites

Photo Source: rapgenius.com

Photo Source: rapgenius.com


Antipasto, Charcuterie, Tapas… whatever you like to call it. It is delicious! That pre-meal snacking platter for appetizer-crazy-home entertainers is always a delightful display at dinner parties.

Here are some of my favourite Antipasto bites for a Friday night – enjoy with some delicious wine! My favourite wine is Guy Saget Sancerre Blanc, find it here.

1) The Applewood Smoked Cheddar

 This delicious smokey yet soft cheddar just melts in your mouth.

2) Olive Oil and Sea Salt Ace Bakery Crackers

Salty, moist and crunchy. The scrumptious cracker is addictive be careful!

3) Pear and Roasted Garlic Stasis Preserves

Sweet but also savoury. A great way to cut the edge of the cheddar.

4) Moishes Kosher Dill Pickles

These are the original pickles. Amazingly brined and delicious fresh and chilled.

5) Salami from Scheffler’s Delicatessan

Beautiful meats with that perfect amount of kick to them. Try the Prosciutto too!

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