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Cook The Perfect Food for Your Family With Texture

Whether it’s by choice or out of necessity, a lot of people have dietary restrictions these days. Some people can’t tolerate dairy, some people think eating animals and their byproducts is inhumane, and some people are deathly allergic to a variety of foods.

As these kinds of situations increase among our population, there’s no better time to figure out how to make delicious meals that anyone can enjoy. But if you have someone in your family with dietary restrictions, you probably know that it’s easier said than done.

With a subscription to Texture by Next Issue, the recipe ideas are endless. Every month, titles like Allrecipes and Chatelaine will be automatically downloaded on to your tablet, and you’ll have access to hundreds of new recipes that will help you take advantage of seasonal ingredients.

And, if you have dietary restrictions, or if you’re cooking for someone who does, not only are there lots of great recipes that will work for you, but there are two titles specifically devoted to both vegetarian and gluten-free foodies: Vegetarian Times and Gluten-Free Living.

This month, the Vegetarian Times, which always promises to help you shop your farmer’s market, has so many great recipes. From Mediterranean cooking to how to make the best veggie burgers, this magazine won’t only make your life easier if you’re cooking for a vegetarian, it’ll also make you want to become one!

Gluten-Free Living, in the spirit of the season, has a great feature about how to plan the perfect gluten-free destination wedding, which sounds like no easy task. It also has a great list that debunks a lot of the myths surrounding recipe substitution, and what really works.

To get access to these two great titles every month, along with hundreds of other amazing digital magazines, visit texture.ca. And if you need another reason to get on board, they’re offering a free, 30-day trial for new users. Download it on your tablet now, and you’ll get a risk-free chance to find your new favourite dish.

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