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5 Fresh Desserts To Help You Ring In Spring

A time of renewal and new beginnings, many people start spring with plans to get healthy and reform certain dietary behaviours. Now, we can’t argue with one’s desire to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle, but no matter what your goals are, no diet can totally exclude dessert or┬ámultiple desserts.

Freshly made sweet treats are simply too delicious to ignore, but not every dessert needs to be laden with chocolate, caramel, or other sinful additions. Desserts can be just as fresh and light as the spring season, as the roundup of recipes below will show you.

Using fresh fruits as the main ingredient, these desserts (most of which are quite healthy, too) will have you enjoying the spring season with every bite.

Strawberry Cookie Tart

Fresh strawberries are the stars of the show for this simple-yet-elegant dessert. Almost like making a giant cookie, the preparation process isn’t very difficult, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the end result.

And with a cream cheese frosting serving as a bed for the strawberries atop the cookie-tart crust, a beautiful red-and-white colour contrast is created that makes for a stunning presentation. Nothing is better than a dessert that looks as good as it tastes.

Read the full recipe at: Tutti Dolci

Healthy Cinnamon Carrot Muffins

Carrot cake is something of a year-round dessert, and the flavours involved don’t exactly “scream” spring. And while these cinnamon carrot muffins definitely evoke the flavour profile of a classic carrot cake, the healthy direction of the recipe is a spring-ish switch up you’ll truly enjoy.

With flax seed powder, a fair amount of carrots, currants, and oil instead of butter, these muffins taste like dessert but with some actual nutritional value. No doubt these muffins will help you when you’re in need of something sweet but still want to stick to your newly found active spring lifestyle.

Read the full recipe at: Not Out Of The Box

Key Lime Pie Pancakes

Who says dessert can’t be for breakfast? Actually, if eating delicious sweets is something you simply can’t avoid (like myself) then indulging earlier in the day is actually a good thing. That way, you can burn those excess calories as the day goes on, rather than indulging late at night when you’re going to be fairly immobile.

But regardless, if you’re in need of something sweet and refreshing to jumpstart your morning, look no further than these key lime pie pancakes. Bursting with citrus flavours, and made with fairly health-conscious ingredients, these pancakes will certainly start your day off right.

Read the full recipe at: Peas & Crayons

Plum & Pear Mini Pies

Everything is better in pie-form, even fresh fruit, as these mini pies will demonstrate. Filled with juicy plum and pear, these tiny delights will provide a burst of flavour with every bite.

And best of all, while you’d feel pretty guilt about eating a whole regular-sized pie, you can certainly enjoy one of these mini pies and not get bogged down in the slightest.

Read the full recipe at: Sugar et al

Raw Passion Fruit Swirl Cake

If you’re willing to put in some extra time and effort for a dessert that presents beautifully and is filled with fresh flavours, then look no further than this passion fruit swirl cake. Made with entirely raw ingredients, the recipe itself is surprisingly nutritionally sound, not that you’d really be able to tell. Everyone will be too entranced by the cake’s intricate design to even think about what’s inside.

Read the full recipe at: Happy Healthy Blog

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