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6 Unique (And Easy) Ice Cream Recipes To Enjoy While The Summer Lasts

Summertime may soon be over, but that doesn’t mean that the heat is going anywhere anytime soon. And while we can hide away in our air conditioned homes, no one really wants to spend the last moments of summer cooped up indoors. So rather than hide away from the heat, beat it the best way people know how: with ice cream.

Simultaneously cooling and delicious, ice cream makes for one of the best summer treats. The only catch is, to enjoy some ice cream you need to either buy it from the store or wait for an ice cream truck to go by, because making ice cream from scratch is next to impossible without expensive equipment, right?

Not quite! There are actually plenty of ways to make ice cream without a machine. You could be licking on some creative ice cream flavours in no time, just check out our round-up of unique and easy ice cream recipes below!

Honey Lavender Ice Cream

1. Honey Lavender Ice Cream

The luscious sweetness of honey is given an aromatic boost and a fuller flavour thanks to the addition of lavender in this rich-yet-healthy ice cream. But while the honey-lavender combination is a bit of a surprise (doesn’t it sound more like a tea than an ice cream?) the fact that this recipe is entirely Paleo will shock you even more, because you’d never be able to tell from the taste.

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cherrym mascarpone ice cream

2. Cherry Mascarpone Ice Cream

Tartly-sweet cherries are perfectly paired with rich mascarpone cheese in this rather decadent ice cream. Already rich in flavour and creaminess, the contrasting colours created by the cherries and mascarpone-vanilla ice cream base give this dessert a major boost in the visual aesthetic department.

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strawberry lemonade ice cream

3. Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream

What is already an amazingly refreshing beverage is made even better when turned into an ice cream, which is pretty much a rule in the culinary world. Tart, sweet, and creamy all at once, nothing will beat enjoying a scoop of this on a cone during a hot day.

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4. Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Think of your favourite brand of caramel ice cream, then increase the tastiness levels and decrease the amount of time needed to create the frozen concoction. For not only is this salted caramel ice cream delicious, it’s incredibly easy to make, ensuring you have a cooling, tasty treat whenever you need it.

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5. Homemade Funfetti Ice Cream Cake

If you’re ever in need of a show-stopping birthday dessert (or any grand occasion) then look no further, because this made-from-scratch funfetti ice cream cake will please palettes both young and old.

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6. Turmeric Ice Cream With Tomato Syrup

Before you get turned away by the idea of a slightly-savoury ice cream, just remember that sometimes the strangest flavour combinations can quickly become your favourite. And while this recipe requires a tad bit more work than others on this list, this incredibly unique ice cream is well worth the effort.

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