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7 Desserts You Need To Make/Bake During Cherry Season

Using fresh ingredients is crucial to any type of cooking, desserts included. Many people think they can get away with baking with canned or frozen out-of-season fruits, but they’re just deluding themselves. Yes, you can use canned/frozen cherries in a dessert, though the flavour pales in comparison to the taste created from including fresh from the farmer’s market cherries when they’re in season.

July marks the last month (of only two!) of cherry season in Ontario, and the best way to celebrate is to bake with cherries all month long. Sure, you may add a bit to your waistline, but the time is gone to work on your summer body anyway. Embrace the flavours of the season and get on making these seven desserts during cherry season.

1. Black Forest Cobbler

Making an entire Black Forest Cake can be an incredibly time-consuming process, so why not cut the effort in half and just make a cobbler instead? Using a chocolate crust, this is an easy-to-make fusion between cake and pie that has all the famously delicious flavours of a Black Forest Cake



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2. Homemade Cherries in Syrup with Thyme

Simple, yet sophisticated, this easy to prepare cherry-treat gains a full-bodied flavour through the inclusion of thyme. The simple addition adds a lot of body to what would be a standard cherries in syrup dish, the perfect addition to ice cream.


3. Tart Cherry Ice Cream With White Chocolate & Macadamia Nuts

Speaking of ice cream, why not double-down on the cherry deliciousness with your own cherry ice cream? The answer is “of course,” obviously. You will need an ice cream maker to create this fusion of cherries, ice cream, and the classic white chocolate-macadamia cookie, but the end result is worth buying one.



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4. Cherry Marshmallows

Making your own marshmallows is a pretty simple process, and infusing them with the seasonal flavour of cherry is just as easy. Perfect on their own or sandwiched with chocolate between graham crackers for a cherry s’mores, these marshmallows are the perfect bring-along for summertime camping adventures.


5. Cherry Chocolate Brownies

No matter who you’re baking for, a sure-to-please dessert is a sinfully delicious tray of brownies. No one can allure to the aroma of freshly baked bars of chocolaty goodness, especially when fresh cherries are added to the mix. Reminiscent of a black forest cake, add a scoop of ice cream on top to take this dessert to the next level.


Mini Sweet Cherry Pies

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6. Mini Dark Sweet Cherry Pies

Two things make almost any type of food better: putting it into pie form and making it mini. The same holds true for cherries, as these mini cherry pies will definitely prove. Best of all, you can have a few “whole pies” and not even feel that guilty.



Read more at: Food 52

7. Deep-Dish Cherry Pie

Ok, so maybe the only other thing that can make a pie better than making it mini is making it even larger than your standard pie. More is always better, right? Well, either way, more cherry goodness is exactly what you’ll get in this deep dish cherry pie that’s fit to feed a crowd, or just yourself when no ones around to look.


Featured image courtesy of: Food 52

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