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8 Sweet & Spooky Halloween Treats To Hand Out Instead Of Candy

For one night of the year, all taboos are reversed. Crazy costumes are the required dress code, scary becomes fun, and candy is an acceptable meal. This magical day of opposites is, of course, Halloween, the most anticipated holiday of the year for both children and adults alike, because while the youth may trick or treat, all the older folks get to indulge without any real guilt.

Some people find Halloween a tad stressful, as not only do you need a costume, you also need to stock up on sweets for all the neighborhood kids. We can’t really help you on the costume front, but we can offer some solutions to your sweets situation.

Buying a bunch of candy from the store can get a little pricey, and is far from fun for both you and trick or treat-ers. Instead, why not create some spooky sweets, the perfect way to add an extra layer of fun to Halloween while making your house stand out from all the rest along the block. We’ve got some amazing sweet and spooky Halloween treat recipes below, and don’t fret if you have extras, because that just means more for you!


Chocolate Monster Pops

All it takes is some assembly-work and you can create these delicious (and incredibly portable!) chocolate treats in a snap, since all of the ingredients are store-bought, including the monstrous green hair. Just add about ten drops of green food colouring to a cup of sweetened shredded coconut flakes and you’re all set.

Read the full recipe at Handmade Charolotte


Peanut Butter Mousse Graveyard Cups

Each and every layer of this Halloween-style trifle is utterly delicious. Think of these “graveyard cups” as a Reese’s cup taken to the next level, with added black gravestones (which are just cookies covered in black icing) used as a Halloween-centric topper.

Read the full recipe at Tony Staab.com

Mummy Pie Pops

Mummy Pie Pops

Using premade pie crusts this Halloween treat comes together in a snap. Simply sandwich some strawberry jam/preserves (or any flavour you like) between two cut out pie dough rounds, bake, and decorate with melted white chocolate and you’re done. Oh, and don’t forget the candy eyeballs, though you could use black icing for the effect if you can’t find any.

Read the full recipe at Oh Sweet Basil


Bloody Halloween Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcake, cream cheese icing, and strawberry jam; even without the Halloween-twist these cupcakes would be divine!

Read the full recipe at Cinnamon Girl Delights


Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

Two of the most snack-able styles of corn, popped and candy, come together in an utterly tasty new form both kids and adults will adore. With the addition of some peanuts and crushed pretzels, these popcorn balls are like a portable chex mix ideal for trick or treaters to enjoy.

Read the full recipe at Crafty Cooking Mama


Witches Hat Cupcakes

Filled with vanilla pudding (made green for a spooky effect) and topped with chocolate-covered sugar cone witches hats, these are the ultimate chocolate Halloween cupcakes.

Read the full recipe at Young, Broke, & Hungry


Monster Doughnuts

Chocolate donuts are baked and topped with a simple glaze and spooky decorations for a comforting treat that won’t break your good eating habits, because let’s be honest, it’s not like the kids are going to be the only ones enjoying these seasonal desserts.

Read the full recipe at The Simple Sweet Life


Pumpkin Chai Black Licorice Cocktail

Now here’s one entirely for the adults: a cocktail infused with the flavours of the season. While it may take some time to prepare (you need to brew chai tea and steep licorice) the creative cocktail is worth the wait and is the perfect way to wind down after a long night spent with the kids. Plus, it’s dark black colour is just so fitting.

Read the full recipe at The Girls On Bloor

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