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Breakfast In A Snap!

Great. You slept through your alarm, and you’re running late to work. As you frantically make your way out the door, your stomach rumbles reminding you that you forgot one thing: breakfast. Telling your stomach you don’t have time for this, you hastily grab a granola bar, hoping that it will be enough to fuel you until lunch and in the meantime, load up on coffee until your body is vibrating with caffeine. We understand the mornings are tough, but why make them tougher by denying your body fuel and energy to take on the day? Here are five quick and easy breakfasts that any busy person can eat and take on the go!

1. Yogurt Parfait A tasty and nutritious breakfast, a parfait is perfect to take on-the-go with you and still feel satisfied. Add berries, granola, honey, for added sweetness and crunch! It’s ready in minutes, just like you during those hectic mornings!


Recipe here: www.foodnetwork.com

2. Fruit Smoothie Refreshing, healthy, and filling, fruit smoothies are ideal for any person who needs to grab and go! A good source of energy in every sip, smoothies provides you with the fuel to take on your day!


Recipe here: www.parenting.com

3. Scrambled eggs and cheese: Microwave Edition Love to have eggs in the morning but don’t have time to make them and clean up? Microwave them! No skillet, no clean up, no hassle! It’s quick and easy to make this protein filled breakfast which keep you focused and full as you tackle the days events.


Recipe here: www.marthastewart.com

4. Chia Pudding The new secret weapon to your morning routine is none other than chia seeds. Containing protein, fiber, and minerals including calcium, this Superfood will give you the necessary kick to start your day, and doesn’t take much time to prepare! Just add milk and a something sweet (almond butter, maple syrup, honey, vanilla, etc.), whisk and watch as it expands! For extra flavour and nutrition, add your choice of fruit!


Recipe here: www.simplebites.net

5. Apple Sandwiches Re-vamp the old peanut butter on toast breakfast with an apple and peanut butter sandwich! Garnish it with granola, almonds, and raisins, to add crunch and flavour to this fresh take on breakfast! Nutritious and delicious, it can be taken on-the-go and gives you the fuel to go wherever the day may take you!


Recipe here: cookingstoned.tv

Dana Rosenthal

Dana Rosenthal is a creative writer and a professional communications manager. With 10+ years of experience writing both for a hobby and for her career, she has found it to be her true passion. Dana loves to cook in her spare time and considers herself a BBQ connoisseur! Her favourite things to cook are Jerk Chicken, fresh dips and sauces and chocolate cakes. Dana is constantly coming up with new ideas to share with fellow foodies.

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