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The Perfect New Year’s Day Brunch Recipes

New Years Day Brunch

If you think lining up for an event on New Year’s Eve is a pain in the butt, just wait until the following morning when you’re hankering for a little brunch. Don’t put yourself through that come the first morning of 2016. Instead, work through your hangover by whipping up the perfect homemade brunch for your friends and family, or politely suggest that one of your friends host the meal, and recommend these easy brunch recipes. Regardless, I guarantee these dishes will make for a fantastic start to the New Year. And for a little hair of the dog, be sure to stock up on fixings for mimosas to go along with your brunch. All the best for 2016 and enjoy our brunch recipes below! Also, feel free to share your own favourite brunch recipes.


Belgian Waffles


This is a tried-and-true recipe for the perfect fluffy waffles that aren’t too sweet, and go great with whatever fruit you have on hand. Feel free to add a little cinnamon, and if you don’t have a waffle iron, this recipe also makes great pancakes. Another piece of great news: you can whip this up the day before, so all you have to do on New Year’s morning is get it on the pan.

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Eggs Benedict with Salmon


The Hollandaise sauce with this recipe is a healthier alternative to the usual, and it’s really easy. No need to use a double-boiler, either. Just whisk together the ingredients and heat them slowly over low heat. And if you’re not keen on salmon, swap it out for bacon, or avocados and tomato.

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Huevos Rancheros


This recipe will take a little more time than the previous two, but trust me, it’s worth it. This dish is full of flavour, and it’ll definitely help everyone get over their post-party blues and make for the perfect start to the beginning of 2016.

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