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The Best Baked Mac & Cheese Recipes

It’s pretty easy to grab a box filled with elbow macaroni and powdered cheese sauce and think you’ve got a handle on mac and cheese, but you’re doing it wrong. There are so many better ways to create the classic dish, and although it might take a little more time, your taste buds with thank you. And if you do have a classic recipe that doesn’t involve powdered sauce, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried baking it in the oven. Between the extra gooey sauce and the slightly burnt crust, there really is no better way to enjoy the tried and true combination of macaroni and cheese.


French Onion Mac & Cheese


If you love French onion soup, this mac & cheese recipe is for you. For a little variety, use different kinds of onions, and different kinds of cheese, of course. And a healthy tip: panko crumbs a great alternative to breadcrumbs, especially if you have a gluten-free dinner guest.

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Classic Baked Mac & Cheese


If you love mac & cheese just the way it is, the only variation on a classic recipe with this one is physically baking it. Again, try to use at least two different types of cheese, and add a little ground beef or bacon if you want to amp it up.

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Pesto Baked Mac & Cheese


There’s nothing like the garlicky goodness of pesto to make already amazing mac & cheese even better. If you haven’t made homemade pesto before, give it a shot. If you don’t have time, store-bought works, too.

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