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Try These Creative & Cute Kid’s Lunches!

The internet is great for sparking ideas. Especially when it comes to creative lunches your kids will sure to show off to their friends.

You’ll have other parents dreading their kids returning home when they demand “sandwiches in the shape of a giraffe!” – but making delicious and creative lunches for your kids can be fun and a change from your regular routine.

Here are our favourite lunches that we’ve seen on the web:

The Hello Kiddy


Photo Source: cuteyummytime.com

The Coldcut Caterpillar


Photo Source: pamspartyandpracticletips.com

The Chopstick Trainee


Photo Source: majoonthegocoffee.com 

The Wavebunner


Photo Source: foodpics.com

The Goofy Cucumber 


Photo Source: kids-cooking-activities.com

The Grade 2 Skew 


Photo Source: foodpics1.com 

The Gummy Worm Ate It


Photo Source: celebrations.com  

The Bagel Nerd


Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk

Dana Rosenthal

Dana Rosenthal is a creative writer and a professional communications manager. With 10+ years of experience writing both for a hobby and for her career, she has found it to be her true passion. Dana loves to cook in her spare time and considers herself a BBQ connoisseur! Her favourite things to cook are Jerk Chicken, fresh dips and sauces and chocolate cakes. Dana is constantly coming up with new ideas to share with fellow foodies.

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