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Texture: The Easy Answer To What You’re Cooking For Dinner


If there’s one thing that’s truly and constantly difficult about cooking, it’s not the act of creating a meal, but rather thinking of what to cook.

Seriously. I don’t even have a family to cook for and I’m constantly plagued with the ever-present question of “what should I cook for dinner.” Variety is the spice of life, after all, and once you’ve eaten your standard been-done-to-death meals in a week, your taste buds are left wanting.

You’d think finding new dishes to make would be far easier in the age of information we live in, but in truth, all of the recipe-options we have only make things worse. There’s almost too much choice, and how do you go about weeding out the dud recipes from the gems?

And after scouring pages upon pages of recipe databases online, you’re pretty much right where you started: unsure what to eat. Even worse, at this point, you’re probably mighty hungry. Add in another layer of frustration and anxiety if you actually people to cook for.

Fortunately, there’s a pretty easy solution, one that combines accredited recipes created (and reviewed) by professionals in a digital format that’s entirely accessible at all times. This not-so-magical solution to “what’s for dinner” is called Texture, and it gives you instant access to some of the best food-related magazines available.

More than just a culinary magazine subscription, Texture is more like a database of content, with a plethora of magazine titles to choose from. Food and cooking just happen to be one of the many areas of interest available in the Texture magazine lineup, with over 25 major publications to choose from in the category.

Accessible through almost any digital device (smartphone, computer, tablet), a Texture subscription instantly provides you with all of the resources you’ll need to craft any meal. And with offline capabilities, you don’t even really need an internet subscription at all times.

Through Texture, not only can you peruse through the many recipes listed in some of Canada’s top culinary magazines, but you can also stay up to date on all food trends, get tips and advice from expert chefs, and even have access to content you wouldn’t see in the print versions of every title.

So really, Texture isn’t just a prime resource to finally solve the what-to-cook-for-dinner dilemma, but it can also help you become a much better cook. And best of all? You can try out the entire service for 30 days, at zero charge.

You can find out more about what Texture has to offer a foodie right here.

Featured image courtesy of: Onay Davis

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