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Win A Private Cooking Class with Jamie Oliver

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Take a second and think about your favourite celebrity chef. If’ Guy Fieri or Bobby Flay are your first thoughts, please stop reading and get your brain examined. If you’re a sane person who admires a man with a passion for eating right, then you thought of Jamie Oliver, which means I’ve got good news for you.

This Fall, Jamie Oliver is coming to Toronto and hosting an exclusive cooking class for one incredibly fortunate citizen of the city. To win, it couldn’t be more simple, just make a lunchbox meal/snack you truly love, with the foods you love to eat.

The Jamie Oliver-tastic contest is part of Sobey’s Better Food For All initiative, with the goal of getting  health-conscious folk to work together and ensure that the every person in city is eating in a healthy manner. A cooking class with Jamie Oliver should be enough incentive to make that happen.

Three short steps can get you and Jamie cooking together: simply make your signature lunch or snack (you can even submit a recipe) and snap a pic, post your photos on Instagram or Twitter using #BetterFoodForAll, and you’re automatically entered. Couldn’t be easier.

Making an incredible, and healthy, lunch, snack, or recipe doesn’t need to be crazy expensive. Check in on what’s fresh and on sale using online flyers to craft a meal that is delicious, but doesn’t break the bank, and will (best of all) get you and Jamie Oliver together at last. Here are Jamie’s tips, for an extra edge.

Get all the info for the Better Food For All contest by checking out the official contest listing here. Now get cooking.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Sobey’s to promote their Better Food For All Initiative.

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