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7 Seasonal Recipes To Make The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is only a few short days away, and if you’re the one cooking this year, you no doubt have some mild form of Thanksgiving dinner stress.

Not an official term but felt by many cooks who need to craft an amazing meal for their entire family, Thanksgiving dinner stress is very real and easily avoidable. All you need are the right recipes to plan out the ideal meal.

Fortunately, we have you covered. Wash away your Thanksgiving dinner stress with our collection of seven seasonal recipes that are sure to wow your family and friends this holiday.


Sweet Bread Rolls

Officially known as “Mallorca Bread,” these fluffy, delicious rolls of buttery delight are easy to make with very little kneading required. Slightly-sweet rolls and flavoured with a bit of vanilla, these rolls perfectly pair with the flavours found in any Thanksgiving meal.

Read the full recipe at African Bites


Pumpkin Risotto

A different way to enjoy pumpkin, this perfect-for-Thanksgiving risotto is certain to impress your guests. Complimented by goat cheese and dried cranberries, this is seasonal comfort food at its finest.

Read the full recipe at Platings And Pairings


Savoury Mushroom Galette

Perfect as an appetizer or main-meal side, this savoury mushroom galette looks amazing and tastes even better. Easily prepared with a pre-made pie crust, the galette comes together in no time, giving you plenty of time to cook the rest of your Thanksgiving meal!

Read the full recipe at A Side Of Sweet


Classic Rosemary Roast Turkey

What’s Thanksgiving without a turkey? While turkey can be made many different ways, this recipe sticks to the basics with delicious results. Sometimes simple truly is better! A recipe for gravy is also included, because you’ll need something to douse your mashed potatoes in.

Read the full recipe at Alisha Enid


Apple Pecan Stuffing

Now, some of you may disagree with me, but the best part of Thanksgiving is turkey stuffing. Made many different ways, you won’t go wrong with this Apple Pecan Stuffing recipe, a magical blend of the season’s flavours.

Read the full recipe at Homemade Interest


Raw Brussel Sprouts & Apple Salad

Salad is never the star of the show at a Thanksgiving dinner, but you need something green in the mix to balance out all the meat and carbs. Enter this totally-raw salad made with brussels sprouts and apples covered in a tangy dressing, the ideal healthy (and tasty) addition to your Thanksgiving.

Read the full recipe at Veggies Save The Day


Mini Sweet Potato Pies

Everything is more delicious when miniaturized, pie included. Adorable and delicious, these mini sweet potato pies offer a new way to enjoy Thanksgiving dessert while also being a break away from the typical pumpkin pie. Plus, they’re entirely vegan!

Read the full recipe at One Ingredient Chef

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