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Get Ready For Fall With These Squash Recipes


Now that fall is just around the corner, we’re starting to see heartier fruits and vegetables available in the market. One of the big in-season vegetables right now is squash. Squash usually conjures up memories of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and warm winter meals, but its season actually starts in September.

You don’t have to start making soups and pies to accommodate this in-season vegetable though. There are so many different types of squash available that the possibilities are almost endless! If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together a list of the most popular types of squash with accompanying recipes that bring out their amazing flavours.

Image and recipe source: Epicurious

Image and recipe source: Epicurious

Acorn Squash

Acorn squash has a sweet, nutty flavour and is usually baked in the oven. When it’s cut in half, it resembles a bowl so it’s often cooked with ingredients stuffed in the centre. Since the squash acts as its own dish, baking stuffed acorn squash can also help you save time on cleanup.

Try this amazing stuffed acorn squash with kale and sausage recipe for a hearty and healthy meal. This recipe gets bonus points because kale is in season in September as well.

Image and recipe source: Two Peas & Their Pod

Image and recipe source: Two Peas & Their Pod

Butternut Squash

Probably the most popular type of squash, it’s most commonly used in soups, stews, risottos, and casseroles. It has a rich nutty flavour and pairs beautifully with sage and nutmeg. Try this creamy butternut squash pasta recipe to really experience this squash variety.

Image and recipe source: Epicurious

Image and recipe source: Epicurious

Delicata Squash

This smaller squash has a light flavour that’s similar to sweet potatoes with a creamy flesh. It’s also easier to prepare that other types of squash because the skin is thin enough to eat – no peeling required!

This maple-roasted delicata squash and red onion recipe makes the most out of fall flavours. Pair it with pork tenderloin or barbecued pork chops.

Image and recipe source: Metro

Image and recipe source: Metro

Buttercup Squash

Buttercup squash has a creamy, sweet flavour and is considered the sweetest winter squash. It has a firm texture that makes it great for curry, so try this squash curry and scallop recipe to make the most of it.

Image and recipe source: The Kitchn

Image and recipe source: The Kitchn


It’s not just for jack-o-lanterns and pie! Larger field pumpkins should only be used for decoration because they don’t have very good flavour and texture. Look for smaller varieties at your local market to use in different pumpkin dishes. Pumpkins made for cooking have an earthy, sweet flavour. Try this vegetarian pumpkin chili recipe that uses pie pumpkins to get the flavour of this vegetable. It also makes the perfect meal for Halloween night!

What are your favourite squashes and squash recipes? Share them with us in the comments!

Featured image source: Jamie Oliver

Story source: The Kitchn

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