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Get Your Next Great Recipe from Texture By Next Issue


As a self-described foodie, I’m always on the lookout for a new recipe to try. When I see one in a newspaper or magazine, I make a point of tearing out the recipe so I can have it easily on hand later. Unfortunately for me, those little scraps of paper always seem to get lost along the way – and those delicious recipes never see the light of my kitchen. If you also suffer from a constant loss of magazine recipes, then Texture by Next Issue may be your saving grace.

Texture, which launched October 1, is a rebrand of Next Issue Canada, an online magazine subscription service. Since the rebrand, Texture offers a few benefits that will help other foodies find and save new recipes, cooking tips, food news or meal ideas.

Texture provides users with richer, more in-depth content. There’s also a new customization feature that allows you to find magazines and stories related to your interests. If you have certain dietary restrictions or allergies, you can curate your Texture subscription to include articles and recipes that fall within those guidelines.

Texture offers collections that are hand-selected by the Texture editorial team – so you know that you’re getting the best content. Users can also get stories that are currently on the trending feed, so you’re always on top of the most recent food-related news and stories.

Texture also has the latest issues of magazines as well as their back issues. Did you see an awesome recipe in an old magazine that you accidentally threw out? With Texture, you can find that issue and have it easily accessible. If you’re looking for more articles about the latest food news, Texture has a categories section where you can browse through relevant magazine titles to find what you’re looking for.

If you need a more visual method for recipes or to improve your general cooking skills, Texture has digital features; watch instructional videos, animations or other dynamic content that you just can’t find in typical print magazines and subscriptions.

Texture can be accessed by up to five devices per subscription. It works for both Apple and Android systems, so you always have that recipe or food info on hand whenever you need it.

If you don’t already have a Next Issue subscription, you can try Texture for 30-days free. To learn more about Texture and the great services it offers, and to see a list of the magazines that they have available, click here to browse through the website.

This is a sponsored post brought to you in collaboration with Texture By Next Issue.

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Ashley Maniw

Ashley Maniw graduated from York University with an Honours B.A. in English and Creative Writing. Cooking and eating are amongst her many hobbies. Ashley is committed to gluten-free, organic, and clean eating...for the most part. She hasn't met a Doritos flavour that she hasn't liked.

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