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Texture Brings World’s Best Magazines To Your Fingertips

This holiday season, Texture by Next Issue’s huge assortment of digital magazines makes an envy-inducing gift for anyone looking to keep up with trends in today’s ever-changing culture. With titles ranging from Time Magazine to Cosmopolitan to Bon Appetit, there’s no question that Texture has a fitting publication for any diverse interest.

Know anyone who’s pop-culture obsessed? People and US Weekly can be trusted to provide the latest star photos and celebrity gossip, while titles such as Entertainment Weekly and Billboard will make sure that voracious readers can keep up with the latest happenings in music and film too.  If you’re looking for more hard-hitting pieces, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and New York Magazine are perfect for more in-depth pop culture analysis and sit-down interviews. Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape, Self and Men’s Fitness are just a few of the many titles that will appeal to those looking to start off 2015 with some new health resolutions. Both Canadian and American titles, such as Maclean’s and Mother Jones, will allow the current events-obsessed and political junkie to keep up with the latest national and international politics — especially important with an important American election forthcoming.

Texture also makes the magazine reading experience the most convenient for anywhere you might be. While it’s always fun reading a full magazine in print, it’s not always practical or possible to carry several different magazines titles around with you — particularly if you’re travelling. Through Texture, you can access hundreds of different magazines on up to 5 different devices, including an iPhone, iPad, and Android; and even read the issues offline — provided you’ve downloaded them first.

Texture allows you to start with a 30-day free trial, before committing to $9.99 a month for a huge selection of 181 different titles.

For more information on Texture’s titles and benefits, visit Texture.

Featured image source: Texture.ca

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